Ship-toShore Crane

A ship-to-shore crane is a large machine which can travel sideways on a marginal wharf moving containers on and off a vessel. It uses a boom that can be raised or lowered over the vessel and transfers containers to and from trucks or straddle carriers moving under the crane at the wharf.

Rubber Tire Gantry Crane

A rubber tire gantry crane is designed to stack or remove containers in a storage yard for further transfer to over-the-road trucks or yard trucks supplying the ship-to-shore cranes.

Straddle Carrier

A straddle carrier is a lifter-transporter designed specifically to move containers to and from the ship-to-shore crane. It can also stack containers directly  in the yard. The stacking height is usually less than that of a rubber tire gantry crane limiting the comparative overall stacking volume available.


Law Suits Resulting from Accidents in Ports or Terminals Need Expert Witnesses

Safety is always paramount when handling cargo and containers at port terminals. But despite  thorough safety measures and careful implementation, there are occasional accidents involving cargo and container handling equipment and/or personnel.  When an accident results in a  law suit and possible litigation  there is usually a  need for expert witnesses including reports and testimony in depositions and trials. My experience as a 30 year veteran in the port industry and as an expert witness can be invaluable.

I am ready and able to assist attorneys, whether they are representing the plaintiff or defendant.